Paper Sweet Pea Hoop (Bold)

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Made entirely by hand, the artist Nikita Crocker wanted to capture the rare beauty of the sweet pea in full bloom.

This sweet pea hoop will most certainly add enduring spring sweetness and greenery to your life.

Decorate your home with the blushing colours and curling fronds of the sweet pea hoop. Perfect for hanging in your baby's room, above the mantel piece or delivering as a gift to a loved one. 


  • Diameter of 30 cm (12 inches)
  • Made from the finest quality crepe paper in two varieties of colour palette: blush (peach/vanilla/pale yellow/pale pink) and bold (plum/lilac/white/crimson/magenta).
  • Bamboo hoop structure
  • Light but strong, the hoop can be placed on a nail in the wall or a silk ribbon can be attached to make it a wall hanging piece.